Battlefield 2042 Grin Reaper Reward Removed

Following the Russian invasion of the Ukraine this week, DICE has pulled the weekly mission system in Battlefield 2042. Those who completed the weekly mission were to be rewarded with a skin depicting a grinning Russian helicopter but the removal of the system now prevents any more players from earning the skin.

What is the weekly mission reward now?

DICE has removed the weekly missions from the game this week “in light of current events“. As there is no longer a mission to complete, there is no longer a weekly reward to unlock. The Grin Reaper Mi-240 Super Hind Russian attack helicopter skin is no longer available to unlock. The timing of the skin was made even worse because the official translation of the Grin Reaper name into Russian was “Friendly Death”. Players who had already completed this week’s mission and had already unlocked the Grin Reaper skin will be able to keep it, according to a statement from the Battlefield Direct Communication (thanks Polygon).

EA DICE is still deciding whether the skin will ever return to the game in the future according to EA’s Lead Community Manager, although he did say it was “something we will discuss”.  Weekly Missions will return next week as normal with a different challenge and a different reward, although the details of this haven’t been revealed yet.

In other news, Bungie, CD Projekt SA and 11 bit studios are amongst many in the gaming community who are making donations to help fund the humanitarian aid efforts in the Ukraine. Other Ukraine gaming studios have also made statements clarifying how people can help. Elsewhere, “superhuman” AI agent Gran Turismo Sophy will be added to Gran Turismo 7 in a future update. The AI could have several uses although its final implementation is yet to be decided, and Sophy is still being fine-tuned.

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