Battlefield 2042 Issues Criticized by Ex Devs

It looks like Battlefield fans aren’t the only ones baffled by Battlefield 2042‘s issues. At least two of its former developers have criticized the state of things, with one going as far as questioning DICE’s design choices and quality control.

As spotted by MP1st, Bad Company 2 designer David Goldfarb said in a series of tweets that he’s “astonished” by the amount of missteps taken during development. Former long-time producer Jaqub Ajmal separately criticized the weekly mission design, arguing that weekly missions shouldn’t take too long to complete.

What’s wrong with Battlefield 2042?

Goldfarb particularly criticized the lack of smaller infantry maps and lack of detailed artwork. “Was no one in control of quality over there?” He asked. “Who thought this experience honored the BF sandbox experience and took it forward? I’m astonished that there were this many missteps even knowing the obstacles from higher up.”

Goldfarb seemingly doesn’t think there’s any hope of salvaging Battlefield 2042, and suggested that DICE should move on to the next game. “Thinking about this now but the best thing for DICE’s next would be to make 2143 and go forward in time and reclaim their mantle of combined arms badassery that they built their legacy on alongside a really unique IP they created,” Goldfarb concludes.

Elsewhere, Ajmal tweeted that weekly missions take too long when playing normally. “I won’t finish the 2042 weekly mission – the first one since launch,” he said. “It just takes too long to do it when I play normally and with that they lost me. Imo it’s really important to design things so it’s reasonable for people that don’t have a lot of time, specially when it’s fomo.”

In other news, Days Gone director once wanted to make an Uncharted prequel featuring young Sully, and Dead Island 2 might release sooner than we think.

[Source: MP1st]

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