Dying Light 2: Stay Human

When a game, in an indefinable way, makes you feel at ease from the moment it starts, it’s generally a good sign. That’s certainly what Dying Light 2 does – especially for those who played its 2015 predecessor. The franchise’s two key attributes, parkour-style movement and a creamy, precise and super-satisfying melee combat, are not only in evidence from the start, but have benefited from plenty of refinement since the first Dying Light game.

It’s somewhat ironic that Dying Light 2 swiftly makes you feel at ease, since the environment it plunges you into is anything but comfortable. Its events take place 15 years after the original viral outbreak depicted in the first game, and show a world in a dire state (in a way that strikes plenty of chords after our own real-life pandemic experiences). Dying Light 2’s protagonist, Aiden, is a so-called Pilgrim, one of the few intrepid humans willing to venture outside the walled cities that remain. Haunted by memories of childhood experimentation, he is on a quest to find his sister Mia, and his investigations lead him to the city of Villedor.

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