Exoprimal Announced for PS5 and PS4

When dinosaurs and a ginger-haired exosuit pilot reminiscent of Regina opened up today’s PlayStation State of Play show, many became excited for a Dino Crisis remake. Those hopes were soon dashed when they were introduced to Capcom’s brand new IP known as Exoprimal instead, a PS5 and PS4 game more akin to Earth Defense Force.

What is Exoprimal?

Exoprimal is set in the year 2043, when mysterious vortexes are opening up in the sky and unleashing hordes of dinosaurs across the world. In the online team-based shooter campaign, teams of five exofighters are facing off against these outbreaks and each other in a bid to prevent human casualties and potential extinction. Luckily, a new Aibius Corporation AI known as Leviathan can predict when these vortexes will appear.

The exosuits are the only way these Aibius fighters stand any chance against their opponents. Each exosuit has a specific role to play with unique weapons and abilities, so teams are encouraged to pick a selection of suits that complement each other. For example, the Roadblock suit is “built like a tank” but has a shield that can hold back hundreds of dinosaurs. Assault has a variety of attacks, while Support can heal their team mates. Suits can be switched at any time during a mission, although this will leave players unprotected for a short space of time.

During each Dino Survival match, the game’s main mode, two teams are given a series of assignments to complete. The team that completes their assignments first is declared the winner. They’ll face off against dinosaurs like T-Rex, Triceratops, and Pteranodons, and there will be hundreds of them at any time. More information on other modes is promised at a later date. Exoprimal is currently scheduled to be released on PS5 and PS4 in 2023.

In other State of Play news, Returnal will be getting a free Ascension update later this month that will add campaign co-op and a survival mode. Elsewhere, free-to-play hero shooter Gundam Evolution will launch worldwide at some point this year.

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