How to check Xbox Live Status?

When using your Xbox, you always use Xbox network services. That’s why Xbox network services are a crucial part of your online experience in the Xbox world. Xbox network services provide a variety of services from online gaming to storing your game saves. Because of this variety, the Xbox network struggles to provide service sometimes. When Xbox network services are down, we cannot connect to online game services. This can be an annoying situation if you are middle of the game night. In this type of situation, people start to wonder about Xbox network status. However, they do not know how to check Xbox network status. In this guide, we will show how to check Xbox network status.

Specific Xbox Error Messages

When you get a specific Xbox error message like Xbox Status Code 8007065b, you need to find specific solutions to solve your problem. Specific error codes are generally related to your device or the game you want to play. However, if you got 0x87DD0003, the code indicates a connection error between your Xbox and Xbox network services. That’s why you need to check the Xbox network status.

To solve specific problems, you can check this link. You will find solutions for specific error codes.

Checking Xbox live status

If you got the error code 0x87DD0003, you need to check the Xbox network status. To do this, you can follow the steps listed below.

  1. You can find the information about Xbox status on the official Xbox Network Service status web page. This website shows whether the Xbox Network servers are working or not. Red exclamation marks indicate that  Xbox network Services are down. If you see red exclamation marks, you can wait for Microsoft to solve this problem. In addition, ıf you are a US citizen, you can set a reminder that will inform you when Microsoft solves the problem on Xbox network services.
  2. If you want detailed information about the Xbox network service situation, you can check out the third-party outage website. This website is called the Down Detector. This website track every issue in the Xbox network services. That’s why it can provide detailed information about the outages. Also, players check the timeline of when the problem occurs. With the data, we can make assumptions about the Xbox service error. You can check this website with this link.
  3. Twitter turns into a place where people share their thoughts about the services. When the Xbox network is down, people share their thoughts about this situation. That’s why Twitter is a great place to check Xbox network status. To do this you can check #XboxLiveDown. Also, you can check the official @XboxSupport Twitter page.
  4. You can connect with support about Xbox network status. To do this you can check out this link. If somebody does not help you immediately, you can send a ticket. When staff sees your ticket, they will connect with you.

That’s it. If you have questions about this article, you can write us in the comment section.

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