Kit & Krysta say that Nintendo Minute ended due to a “point of reflection” following Nintendo’s San Francisco office closure

Kit Ellis and Krysta Yang were once the hosts of Nintendo Minute, which was a series that would receive new episodes every Friday on Nintendo’s YouTube channel. However, the series ended in December, resulting in fans speculating why Nintendo Minute suddenly stopped. Well, thanks to an interview the pair recently had with MinnMax, there are no longer any questions.

MinnMax asked Kit and Krysta why the left. The former said that the closure of Nintendo’s office in San Francisco was “the reason, I mean it’s quite simple actually…the office we were in in California is closing down”. Ellis continued, saying that “everyone was given the option to make the move up to Redmond. And I think for us that was a point of reflection – it’s time to think about what we’ve done and accomplished and what we might be able to do in the future. No, I think we’re happy here – we’re both from this area, so it’s a new chapter”.

As for Krysta, her response was very similar. She said that the office closure was “definitely a catalyst into thinking about what could potentially be next… Being somewhere for 13-14 years, you can’t help but think maybe it’s time for a change, maybe it’s time for something different, as much as we both loved working at Nintendo”.


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