Naughty Dog Working on Unannounced AAA Game with PS Studios and Visual Arts

PSS Visual Arts is a studio best known for its animation, motion capture, cinematics, art, and scanning contributions to several The Last of Us games. It seems like all of the hard work has paid off as Visual Arts is teaming up with a completely new PlayStation Studios internal game development team to create a new unannounced AAA game in collaboration with Naughty Dog.

What is the new game by Visual Arts, PlayStation Studios, and Naughty Dog?

Very few details are known about the game, although it will be a “high visibility project” that has “a clear vision and plan to release”. Revealed in a job listing for a Senior Producer at PlayStation Global (thanks ResetEra), we know that Sony is building a brand new internal PlayStation Studios development team in partnership with Visual Arts to develop the unannounced AAA game with Naughty Dog. It’s not certain exactly what role Naughty Dog will be playing in this, although the project will be in collaboration with the Uncharted and The Last of Us creators.

The game could well be another live service title, although it’s not believed to be The Last of Us multiplayer game seeing as we already have confirmation of that one. Sony currently hopes to release 12 live-service games by 2025 and is currently increasing its investment in live service, PC, and mobile games.

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