Random: Artist Imagines Social Media Posts If Pokémon Were Real

If Pokémon were real most of these posts would be grieving parents telling the story of how their kid was carried away and eaten by a balloon that turns them into ghosts, got crushed to death by a teddy bear, were melted and eaten by a snail, were killed by a sadistic pumpkin that was signing joyfully at their suffering, brutally stalked and killed by a doll they once put in the trash or eaten and buried by a sand castle.

Others would be terrified people saying things like “My nose inches every night and every morning my mind is overwhelmed by emptiness, please god just let me die” or “I’m saying goodbye to everyone because a Xatu roosted on my lawn, heralding my horrible demise” or “My wife died and became a Gengar, she’s already killed our children and it’s only a mater of time before she finds me. Remember me!”

Although to be honest, it’s unlikely we would even have the internet. Between Espurrs randomly blowing up power stations, power and internet lines, and server farms, Camerupt forcing us to deal with moving volcanos, a mad Gyarados going all kaiju and destroying a city every few months, Hoopa teleporting any technology or buildings it finds interesting to it’s “secret place”, the occasional Volcanion reducing a mountain to dust, or Trubbish making it so that if we do not quickly move all our garbage and waste out of populated areas everyone will sleep until they die, humans would still be living in caves, trying to scape together a few movements of peace in a life of pure terror.

The only real hope is that the Alakazams got together and decided to be our overlords, using their 5000 IQ to keep us safe while they feast on our thoughts.

But I mean … these are some freaking incredible pictures at least!

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