Random: There’s A Trick That Lets You Clone Shinies In Pokémon Legends: Arceus

Pokémon Legends: Arceus

If you’re the kind of person who has time for farming shiny Pokémon, you’ll probably have time for this newly-discovered shiny cloning trick — and you’d better get in on it fast, before Game Freak patches it out.

As Kattling on Twitter described, the process is relatively simple, it’s just long.

Step zero is turning off autosave, so you don’t actually lose your vital save by accident. Step one is to find a cave, or more specifically, an area that you have to access by pressing “A”. Then, you just need to find your shiny, but it has to be one that’s inside a shaking ore deposit, a tree, or a crate. Catch that Pokémon, and then save your game. Head into your cave, and wait for thirty minutes — but be aware that Pokémon battles pause the time counter. Finally, leave the cave, and your shiny Pokémon will have respawned. Repeat for the shiny team of your dreams!

Here are the steps again:

  1. Find a cave or a separate area
  2. Find a shiny in the overworld, which has to be inside a box, rock, or tree
  3. Catch the shiny
  4. Go to the cave
  5. Wait at least 30 minutes in real time
  6. Leave the cave, and go to where the shiny was
  7. If the shiny isn’t there, return to the cave and wait a couple of minutes before checking again

Kattling also notes that you should not do the following:

  • Leave the area
  • Wait outside the cave
  • Complete any quests

Got all that? Yeah, easy-peasy, right? Go forth and catch all the weird-coloured lads!

Does this work for you? How many shinies have you got? Let us know in the comments!

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