These Elden Ring Coliseums Point to DLC or Cut Content

In the world of Elden Ring, if you can see it, you can explore it. However, there are three prominent buildings on the map that players haven’t figured out how to open. All three of them are large semi-circular structures, and thanks to modders, we now know they’re coliseums of some sort.

Are the Coliseums in Elden Ring cut content or future DLC?

Limgrave, Caelid, and Leyndell all have a coliseum, but there is no way to get inside them currently. Modder Garden of Eyes used a no-clip hack to peer inside these three buildings in Elden Ring and found that they all featured unique reglion-specific architecture and were fully modeled.

Each coliseum houses a lobby area leading to an arena flanked to the rear by massive bleachers. There are also two lifts, one on each side of the arena, but these aren’t currently functional.

NPCs and events show up around each coliseum, and they’re each in prominent locations, so they’re not just meant to be in the background. So, the big question is whether these are cut content or if they’re to be included as part of a future DLC.

With how much content is already in the game, it’d be understandable if something had to get the ax. Perhaps these were going to be part of a cut NPC’s storyline or a feature that the devs couldn’t finish in time.

We could also see these coliseums being a DLC as well. FromSoftware might be waiting for player data to start balancing PVP and making these coliseums into areas for players to fight each other in. A more fanciful thought is that perhaps they’ll serve as a queue where players can matchmake to fight each other and watch other matches while they’re waiting.

Alternatively, players could have just not met the prerequisites to open these areas yet. There are several questlines that players still haven’t found the end of yet, so we may see them open in the base game after all.

In other news, Rise of the Tomb Raider’s writer isn’t a fan of the game’s plot, and several game devs have publicly criticized Elden Ring’s performance and UX design.

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