WayForward’s Adam Tierney calls the company’s future lineup “the most impressive of a year or two of games I’ve ever seen”

WayForward is best known for the Shantae games, but they do have other IPs as well. One of those IPs is River City Girls, which is seeing a new release in western regions later this year. Adam Tierney, the project leader of what is called River City Girls Zero, took part in an interview with Goomba Stomp Magazine. River City Girls Zero was the main focus of the interview, but Tierney did take a moment to talk a little about WayForward’s upcoming lineup.

Tierney said that “the lineup of games that WayForward’s working on now and that we’re about to start working on is probably, I could safely say, the craziest, most impressive lineup of a year or two of WayForward games I’ve ever seen. If we just started rattling off brands–some of them are video game brands, some of them are non-video game brands, some more original stuff; it really is ridiculous how we’re hoarding those dream opportunities, and how much of that stuff that we have on the horizon going into the back end of 2022, and 2023 and beyond”.


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